Sunday, 22 January 2012

More Front Rank AWI

As previously stated I am finishing off some missing odds and ends for my AWI collection.  Below are some more additions.  First up is an American cannon. Nothing much to say on this except that I was pleased with the look of the bronze on this gun.

Second up are some militia skirmishers. About half of these were given white armbands so that they can be fielded as a tiny unit of loyalists if needed.  I have no idea if this was a battlefield sign which was actually used but its useful to have such markers in games to avoid confusion.  Again a mix of figures- some partially painted some time ago and finished off and the rest newly painted.  A couple of the figures had already been glued onto round bases so rather than prize them off I just added sand and foliage.  At some point I need to decide that my AWI collection is finished but there always seems to be just one last unit to add.  I would love to be able to add in some Perry Regiments but they may look just too different.  Somewhere in the back of my mind I keep thinking about adding enough units to be able to refight every battle of the war- with AWI it is a possibility- Im just not sure I want to do this with Front Rank though.

I have a few Perry British infantry which I got from a show.  Maybe I'll paint them up and see how they compare.  It is surprising what seem like huge differences on the painting table on the games table actually don't seem significant at all.

Anybody else mix these manufacturers in AWI?

My tally of figures completed so far is now

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