Monday, 30 January 2012

More AWI

As I said in my last post I thought I would try painting up some Perry AWI figures to see how compatible they are with Front Rank- especially when based.  So here are the results- 6 fusiliers.  I really like them but they are very thin when compared to FR and I'm of the view that they are just not compatible. At least now I know for certain.  Maybe I will wait and see how inspiring the Black Powder AWI supplement is when this comes out- not for some time I believe.  If properly inspired it would be good to re-do my AWI using Perry figures. We shall see.

 I am playing an AWI game next month which will have a scenario heavy on narrative.  For this I wanted a female figure to play the American mistress of the British CiC.  She's been captured by the rebels and may be put on trial for espionage- scandalous! Surely Washington hasn't authorized this! The British elite forces have the task, amongst other things, of rescuing her.  She look a bit sulky but can you blame her. AAR will follow in due course.  I think this is a Foundry figure- I may be wrong.

Finally, also for the AWI game I did a quick conversion to provide another mounted rifleman- this gives the unit four figures which I will field as a 'small' unit in the scenario. Another Front Rank mash-up. I think this figure gives the right impression of these not being cavalry proper

Now with these complete it will be Romans and Celts all the way to the finish line.

The 2012 tally stands at 59 foot, 5 Cavalry and 1 cannon completed.

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  1. Nicely painted & based figures; love that lady in yellow. Best, Dean