Thursday, 5 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy new year one and all.

Despite the fact that making something a new years resolution is one way to ensure it doesn't get done I have committed to updating this blog at least twice a month.  Will I keep to this?- only time will tell.  My other NY resolutions are to get fatter, drink more, become less organized and alienate people- I am just being realistic.

I was appalling at the updates throughout 2011 so the only way is up.  I did quite a bit of painting during 2011 including making some serious headway on 28mm Napoleonics as well as  re-basing and 'refreshing' my AWI collection.  I also played three war-games which is a 200% improvement on 2010.  2011 was also the year when I discovered Black Powder rules and I suspect life will never be the same again.

As far as possible I'm planning to post pictures of minis as they are completed so use this blog as a record of my painting endeavors whatever these may be.

My plans for 2012 painting are currently-

Complete phase one of 28mm Peninsular Naps- this will involve completing a Brigade each of French and Brits with a couple of cavalry regiments and a battery of guns each.  Phase two will extend this to division sized forces with more guns and cavalry.

Finish the last few elements of my 28mm AWI collection- these figures look pretty dated now but I still love em.

Paint up some 28mm ECW- I have a number of figures from Bicorne- I'd like to get a dozen or so infantry regiments done initially.  Im looking forward to seeing what comes out by way of ECW version of BP.

I have some EIR and Celts from Warlord games of which I have painted a few- I intend to paint up enough to be able to play a decent sized game.

Other plans may include starting to paint 6mm Napoleonic figures with the aim of playing a refight of Waterloo in 2015- Im sure Im not the only one obsessed with the battle and keen to mark the anniversary.

As I haven't actually yet completed any figures in 2012 here are a selection of pics of AWI Brigade Commanders which were either painted up during 2011 or rebased.  This was to enable the formation of Brigades for Black Powder games.  I made use of some characterful 7YW miniatures from Foundry for some so some uniforms are very very anachronistic (or just plain) wrong.  I however couldn't care less- purists, sharpen your pitchforks and light the torches.

Tarleton showing his ruthless side.  Front rank figures painted long ago but rebased 2011.

 A Hessian brigade commander and sergeant.  Foundry figures of Prussian (?) origin painted 2011.


British Infantry commander and servant- Foundry figures- highly inaccurate for AWI!

Finally American Militia commander from Perry

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  1. Why not just aim for an update once a month?
    I did that last year and it worked!!! even managed a few some months.