Thursday, 19 January 2012

Celtic Warband

Completed my first Celtic warband.  I'm doing my roman invasion of britain project as an exercise in speed painting.  These took no time at all and are not my finest work I must admit but based up I think they look pretty effective.  These are Warlord hard plastic figures.  I wasn't sure whether I liked them as individual models but en-mass they look very dynamic.  You really do get the impression of  a mob of bloodthirsty warrior rushing to shed some roman blood- nice!

Have tried to make the basing 'dynamic' with a cluster of warriors around the chief and standard and a thinning out of warriors towards the flanks and rear.  I think this looks a lot more realistic than neatly ranked warriors and mirrors the way crowds behave. It also has the added benefit of reducing the number you have to paint to get the right effect. Im intending at the moment to have at least 4 such warbands and have most of the second painted.

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