Tuesday, 10 January 2012

First output

Here are my first competed figures of the new year.

These are figures intended to plug gaps in my AWI collection.  First up are three mounted riflemen which are conversions achieved by chopping foot figs in half and adding to the bottom half of random unwanted cavalry figures.  I actually did the conversions some years ago and some of the painting but have only just got around to completing them.  These are intended to play a part in an ambush scenario and to give a bit of mobility to the American forces.
Next up we have 6 British Light infantry who I have added to represent Ferguson's rifles when required.  When they are not doing that they will add numbers to my light infantry battalion.  Looks like I got a bit of basing paint on the bayonet of the chap on the right- I hate it when that happens

Finally I painted up this British Legion Cavalryman to be part of an 'imaginary' regiment of State Cavalry for the rebels.  I have a bit of a dearth of American cavalry- not sure when I will get round to painting this guy some comrades.  In the meantime he can tag along with the dragoons.

All figures are from Front Rank AWI range.  These figures do look a bit dated, particularly when compared with the Perry AWI range.  However I think they have a lot of character and most are really good figures.  As with all FR figures they paint up really well and look pleasingly substantial on the tabletop. Its a shame that FR will probably never add to the range or remodel the worse figures- a few marching continentals in hunting shirts and more British infantry in slouch hats would make a big difference.

Anyway Im going to keep a tally of figures completed this year so:

2012 total= 6 x 28mm infantry and 4 x 28mm Cavalry.


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  1. Great work on them all! Love the cav guy aiming. Best, Dean