Sunday, 31 March 2013

Back to basing

It seems I am finally getting round to basing my Napoleonics and possibly finishing something.  First photo shows a rather poor picture of my terrain set up in what is my new room in a new house.  I now have the luxury of being able to set up about 5 X 8 foot table.  Nice.  This also shows the Naps collection as it stands.  All bases now glued and sanded just awaiting painting and tufting for most of them.  Im going to try to finish at least one regiment a day.

Second lot of photos show the first British regiment I have finished basing- this is 88th Foot- the Connaught Rangers.  Hurrah!  Im not following any particular oob and have arranged units into imaginary brigades.  Pictures are a bit dark and I need to sort out the lighting.

Figures are a mix of front rank and foundry.

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  1. I had a load of figures painted by Fernando in Sri Lanka, so can identify with this.
    I've based them on MDF, sanded then and given then a base coats, but 2 more dry brush coats then tuffs... so far doen the base coat on around a half...