Sunday, 23 September 2012

Back to the grindstone

After my last post I am posting the results of my experiment to convert the front rank french to 'scruffy' Spanish.  In addition to the bicorne wearing figures I also had a go with some with shako.  Regardless of the inaccuracies of uniform I think they pass the test of looking 'Spanish'. Only got one reasonable photo the bicornes.  With the shakoes I sliced off the french front plate and added a bourbon rosette with green stuff.


Happily sanity and reason has temporarily returned to Fort Biskit and I have put the prospect of a Spanish army to one side for the time being and I have recommenced my painting of my Anglo/Portuguese forces.  To complete I need to paint two battalions of Portuguese line, a detachment of Cacadores and two guns.

I am finding the line infantry something of a grind and am not very inspired by Front Ranks figures on this one.  They are nice enough but lack some character compared to others- the Cacadores on the other hand are great.  To brighten things up I  included a converted mounted officer in ym first regiment.  Pictures attached.  This was the combination of a Portuguese head, front rank body- a british ADC with cloak I believe and a Victrix Horse.  A bit of green stuff and away.


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