Friday, 18 May 2012

Been gone too long...

Unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to post anything for a very long time. So much for my new year resolution to post every month at least. But no matter- I have forgiven myself and I have not been idle on the painting front.

First up I have completed two cohorts for my Roman army.  I wanted these to be of the veteran variety and deliberately grubby and battle worn.  Cohort One:

With the second cohort wanted to have more of a shield wall look and for them to look as though they have just received a barrage of spears and arrows.  Relatively simple conversions which entailed chopping off the arms and re-glueing into the required position.  They look anatomically odd close up but look fine based up as a group.

Next up I have completed another Celt war-band- The leader figure is a druid type figure and I cannot remember where he came from. Anyway he got a severed roman head as a standard and the basing again follows the previous approach of trying to make the warriors look like a mob of bloodthirsty maniacs. 

Also completed three chariots - need to add one more to make this a proper unit.  

Finally  a small unit of slingers and another chieftain and standard bearer.


All figures with the exception of the 'druid' are warlord games.

According to my calculations I have now completed 181 foot, 5 Cavalry, 1 civilian and 3 chariots so far this year.  Not the most amazing tally but moving in the right direction.

Im off work today so going to do some daytime drinking this afternoon and going to Twickenham tomorrow. Yeeeha!

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