Sunday, 26 February 2012


More additions to my Roman Invasion Of Britain forces.  My first Romans- a small unit of auxiliary archers.  And just to keep things balanced a unit of celt archers.  More warlord games figures but metal this time. Nice figures- my only complaint is that they had a fair amount of flash to clean up before .  On the other hand they paint up really easily and have a perfect period feel.

So these 16 figures bring my total for 2012 to 105 foot, 5 cavalry and one civilian.


  1. Nice work on these great figures. I have the Eastern Archers set. Are these based for Hail Caesar? I have mine as singles for WAB currently. Best, Dean

  2. Hi Dean, I've based them with the intention of playing hail caesar but generally as far as I can tell pretty much anything goes in hc as long as it's consistent. I must confess I havn't actually played a game of ancients for years- I think the last time I played was with wrg fifth edition. What's wab like- can you only play with singly based figures?