Monday, 14 February 2011

Progress so far and the wrong sort of Swiss

So having been extremely poor in keeping this blog up to date I thought I had better report on my progress so far with my French infantry WIP.  Id love to say that I have been so busy painting these that I haven't had time to update the blog but this would be far from true.  The truth is that, in addition to real life interrupting progress, I have also been distracted with starting a new project which I intend to be an 'imagi-nations' project involving seven years war Russians- I will write more about this anon.

For the time being I have returned to the creation of my French infantry.  Having pondered the question of bases for long enough I've stayed traditional and gone with six bases of six figs although with 50mm frontage these ensure that figures are nice and close.  The pic below shows the first three battalions partially complete.  I reckon that I have around 30 figures still to paint.  So I had better get on with it.

Picture below shows my WIP swiss regiment.  It has just occurred to me that I may have painted a regiment which didn't service in the peninsular- namely the 1st Swiss regiment.  Im not sure this is a particular tragedy and I am not inclined to re-do them.  Will have to check my references again.

I hope to make better progress and have resolved not to paint anything else until these French are complete.

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