Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Basing dilemma

I've been considering various basing schemes for my peninsular naps. I'm using Black Powder as rules, I'm collecting both sides so don't need to fit in with any one else.

I really want bases to be crowded and have a vignette appeal but still want to be able to represent basic formations; line, square and both march and attack column. I like the visual appeal of formations with officers etc standing behind the line. So after much blue-tacking of figures to various sized bases I'm considering using 60x60 bases with four bases to a unit and 8-10 figures on each. This looks good for the british in line and allows for reasonably convincing square to be formed by turning bases back to back.

Tis style however doesn't look as good for my French as the all important column looks a bit sparse.

If anybody can point me in the direction of successful, dynamic schemes or offer any thoughts I would be immensely grateful.


  1. I came across this dilema a couple of years ago with my Ancient wargames armies....the different formations when they are based in rows. When I started with medievals I decided to base them all individually...the formations don´t end up as closed up as they could be but it allows me to arrange them differently according to my mood or the situation.
    What you´ve done looks fine to me.

  2. Sorry I did not reply to your comment sooner- still getting the hang of this stuff. Have gone for multi-basing this time but your comment did make me think about my other project which I have on the back burner which will feature individually based figs with lots of character.