Wednesday, 28 September 2011

They just keep getting smaller...

Having concluded that I will never paint enough 28mm Napoleonics to be abel to game on a 'grand' scale I have had an experiment with painting 6mm Adler figures.  The figures are brilliant and are so quick to paint.  I thought if I could paint up a regiment in one evening then I could look at doing a divisional sized force with a few regiments of cavalry and guns over the course of a couple of months. I have found that acutely I can paint about 100 infantry in a 2 hour session providing I don't worry to much about the detail and am happy with a basic and fairly sloppy paint job - which I am.  Have now finished a brigade and 1 regt of Cavalry I am in the process of basing them up.  I have found that it is the basing which is taking the time.  I also have left metal until the figures are based so still have a bit of work to do on the figures.  Overall though it is a real pleasure to be able to paint up figures so quickly and, although these figures will not be winning any prizes for the quality of the paint job en-masse I think they look great.  Im thinking of doing Prussians to appose the French and keeping the 28mm figures for Peninsular gaming.  I have to say I also was really impressed with the service from Adler who emailed me to check that I was sure I was ordering the right figures as some were post 1812 some pre.

I know I should just stick with the 28mm until thats finished but you know how it is...

Two regiment half way through basing process

Brigade command without metal areas painted yet
the other half of the brigade and regt of currasiuer

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