Saturday, 22 January 2011

First pics

Here are some photos of my 28mm Peninsular project to date. The intention is to produce a large French infantry brigade (5) battalions plus a battery of foot artillery and some squadrons of cavalry. Opposing them will be a brigade of British, again with some guns and light cavalry. No problem eh!

The trouble is I keep getting distracted, no doubt a familiar story to most of you.

I havn't yet decided on basing yet, hence the blue tack, but will probably be mainly using Black Powder if I ever manage to finish enough figures for a game.

These photos are also early attempts at photography and I apologise for the slightly dodgy quality. I'm hoping to develop my photography as I go and I welcome any advice and tips.

Pictured on my new terrain boards made by Paul Darnell of Touching History fame. A dream come true.

Only 2 Brits complete so far so they look a bit outnumbered.


  1. Beautiful unit, and great start on the blog. Are you using a timer and tripod for your camera? That an good lighting are the basics for taking clear photos. I'm still learning myself, but a steady camera and good lighting are essential. Dean

  2. I concur you've made a good beginning here and am please tobe one of your first two followers. I appreciate the sentiments of your Blogging intentions and will help if and where I can. Very nice paint jobs on those French. I sympathise comnpletely about 'distractions' from projects. Historically, I too am all over the place. Also noce to see yet another gamer doing both sides of his chosen theatre.

  3. This is doing nothing to keep me away from 28mm Napoleonics. I'm up to my neck in 15mm, so please desist!